My Hometown

Assalamu’alaykum… Hi sobat dhan’s blog meet again with me daleth, the admin who kind n no arrogant. well, this time I just want to tell U about my HomeTown. It named Aerra, it located betwen ptierra n ykrra. Maybe U’re not familiar with town that i mention, it be’coz they are very isolated. ok, back to topic though Aerra is very isolated there are very crowded. Development of technology there is also very fast compared to othe major cities. if you go there you’ll wonder with all the unique things there, like artificial sun, artificial cloud, cloud seeding, UFO and other things that make you amazed. It resident is a nordic alien Moslem majority, however they are still living in harmony with the population of religious minorities. They also have a very high level of intelligence even if they never attend school, it because their DNA are different with humans in general. And DNA that’s what they pass on hereditary intelligence. City Aerra very peaceful, clashes are rare there, no poverty, just and wise government, none of them of corruption. City Aerra also very clean and beautiful because they always keep it clean. That’s a little picture of my hometown. if there is vacation Aerra can You make a choice to spend Your vacation, the city with thousands of warmth and peace.


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  1. mantaf…pertamax ga ya…hehe…

  2. Translit please….
    Ane kagak mudeng….

  3. wah gak mudheng bro . . . bsa d translate ke bahasa korea gak.?? hihihi

  4. bingung gax ngerti bro..hee

  5. wah jadi pingin ke kota Aerra 🙂

  6. @all** nanti di translate

  7. ya tak familiar lah, kan baru dengar…. salam kenal bung…

  8. wow! gue kira beneran, gak taunya ada NB…

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